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Being the barrier in the Big Sur Marathon

So far 2014 has been filled with many challenges. Despite the road blocks along the way, I have been able to learn and grow from these moments. It has been a winding road that was not without help from several people (of which I am eternally grateful). I encountered a bit of a minefield leading […]

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Running back to the basics moment by moment

One runner’s moment by moment discovery of the path to becoming a better runner and person. With many forward and backward steps a path is revealed over time. By letting go of the filters and returning back to bascis this discovery becomes possible. This post provides some notes as guideposts to discover what is always before us in every moment. Its just this.

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Acceptance in Running

On the verge of running the Mississauga Marathon on Sunday May 15, 2010, I thought it was a good time to take stock of a few of the lessons I have learned along the way to the race. There have been many hurdles to get to a point of being ready and I am very […]

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The bouncing of body mass during running

From initial feelings of disappointment with my stiffer running shoe designed for flat feet leads into an investigation into how the body’s muscles and tendons function in a spring like manner as the body’s mass is moved around.

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