Goodbye My Faithful Running Pal Jax

Fetching a BallWhen I first started getting into trail running in 2009, I would often take my dog Jax on the runs with me.  He is a dog that truly loves to run. I know this by the way he follows me around waiting all day till our run. I know this by the way he smiles after a nice run.

Jax always wants to be out in front when on the leash. Before doing some speed training he was my pace setter throughout 2010.

It has been a “few years” since Jax was able to run but I will always be fond of the days when he could go for runs with me. As he got older he took a long time to learn he was not young anymore;  still chasing after squirrels and pulling muscles in the process. But the last few years he slowed down and accepted his limitations. Sadly he died on April 8, 2017 at the age of 15. He was a great dog and was loved so much! He lived a mostly health life with few real issues. Time took its toll and stiffness eventually took over and limited his freedom.

He loved his walks in his later years. Even stiff and sore he always wanted to go out. A day before he died, he was happy to be out in the rain, doing the things he loved.

While not every run I go on is well suited for him, back in 2009-2001, I would take him out for a good 5-8K run at least once a week.  I have noticed he really likes our winter running excursions.

In the fall I took him to Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville to enjoy a 10K run.  In late fall the park is mostly empty and very quiet. This environment provides a good opportunity to practice while enjoying a nice run in the forest.  I have to believe this was the highlight of his year as it was one of mine.

Below are a few photos taken of Jax in the past.


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