Planting seeds of Gratitude

It’s been an interesting few years with this practice. Yesterday, I was running in Oakville through heat waves, smiling and very hot. One foot after the other, with burning lungs and hot muscles, I moved.  As I reached the end of the mix of trails and roads a door opened up.

Sunset on Lake Ontario Sailing

I had the song “Sacred” running in the background as a mantra of sorts. And it occurred to me as it has many times, that the looking for creates a massive barrier to finding the sacred. It’s so simple it almost seems silly. Assuming it is outside and apart, makes it move further away… Realizing this made me smile and the steps went by one by one.

The setting sun was still very hot in the sky. Sweaty and illuminated with dragon flies all around. Planting seeds of sacred all around…

I have been involved in two web projects this year outside of running. The first one is called Better Better Cookies is a cookie delivery gift business with local cookie delivery in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and all across Toronto. The second project is a Canadian based health and wellness directory called Canadian Wellness. On the Canadian Wellness Directory website, I recently contributed a number of blog entries including one called “Plant a seed of Gratitude to create your foundation for wellness“. It details a short road trip a great friend and I took this summer to London, Ontario. We both decided it was time to get out of town. So we went for a river trail run, dine at a fantastic restaurant and see Xavier Rudd in Concert. What a great way to celebrate the best moments summer has to offer!

Oakville's Bronte Creek Provincial Park In Fall

Taking the time and asking for help is indeed very important. Not knowing is a great place to start this journey.

“With each gift that you share
You may heal and repair
With each choice that you make
You may help someone’s day”
Messages by Xavier Rudd

This practice of planting seeds of gratitude is really something. In starting with belief and wonder, the mountain indeed shares its grace and beauty. And the benefits from this foundation of gratitude is not just limited to gains in health and wellness. It is on this path from which happiness springs.

These towering oaks all started as a small acorn. We breathe them in and breathe them out. It is this which sustains us.  So now is the time to go grab the rusty shovel and plant this acorn in your backyard.


Boston stands as ONE

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