Oakville Running Trails – Joshua’s Valley Park – 2K+

On my long run last weekend, I had the great opportunity to explore the Joshua’s Valley Park located in the east side of Oakville, Ontario.

As part of a continuing series of posts this summer, I will be adding blogs about a number of different Oakville trails that I get to have the enjoyment of running on.

Some of these smaller trails can easily be linked together as part of a bigger run or perhaps they can afford a break from the noise of cars passing by.

Below is a map of the path that was followed through the Joshua’s Valley Park trail.

Joshua's Valley Park Trails in Oakville

I started out by entering the trail from the Lakeshore by turning onto Armiger Lane (just before Winston Churchill). I ran along the trail until I ended up at Brookmill Road (near Devon Street) about 2 kilometres away.  The trails loop around in numerous places so it would be possible to make this into a longer loop with a bit of overlap.

What a peaceful place! For my run on this trail, I ended up doing about 2K all within the forest and with no backtracking or looping.

The trail followed was in fine shape in most spots. In only a few areas I did have to watch my step especially near the creek. There was also one area that had a very short and steep downhill stretch.

It was really nice to depart from Lakeshore after 18K of road running to enjoy the peace which can spring forth on a quiet forest trail.

Here is a link to Map My Run to add this to a future course for anyone interested or to check out the trail in more detail.

What is also nice about this forest trail is the north end exits in close proximity to the track at Oakville Trafalgar High School (Located off of Devon St. west of Maple Grove Dr.).

What a great way to end a long run by adding in a few summer time speed laps!

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