Oakville Running Trails – Bronte’s Beautiful Trails

Sunset in Oakville on September 6, 2011There are many great trails in the Bronte area of Oakville, Ontario. As Fall is quickly approaching and the changes of another season are evident, I am very excited to see the hot and humid weather give way to cooler nights. My most recent long run of 33k in preparation for the Waterfront Marathon was on Saturday September 3. As I got a late morning start, I quickly found myself  running in nearly “unbearable” heat and humidity! The weather made it really hard to keep cool while holding a good running intensity.

Bronte Trail in Oakville, OntarioI find when running in both heat and humidity, my body can not cool itself enough through perspiration and I am left with unusual muscle soreness for several days afterwards. This happened on my 30K Midsummer Night’s Run a few weeks back and I am again healing from the effects of my most recent long run.

Suffice to say, I am looking forward to the cooler weather and beautiful colours seen while running in the fall. The experience one gets by running outdoors can provide a really special connection to nature. It only takes a few minutes to get ready for a fantastic outdoor adventure and this year I plan to make the most of it.

This post focuses on some of the many smaller trails available in the Bronte area which I will be enjoying this fall. These different trails can be easily linked together into a longer run or to get a break from asphalt running. The trails I will be featuring in this post run through: Riverview Park, Village Wood Park, Shell Park, Wilmot Park and Spruce Park.

Trail #1 – West Bronte – Riverview Park – 1.14K:
Connect Rebecca to the Lakeshore along the Bronte creek.
Riverview Park, Oakville

This is a great path that starts near Rebecca and Mississauga St. and ends near the Bronte harbour. It is a mostly dirt and gravel which during wet times can get a bit mucky in a few areas.

Sky View from Bronte Trail in Oakville OntarioThis is one of my most special trails to run as the sun is starting to wane in  the sky: it highlights the vista of the Bronte creek marsh from up on the hill top.

The beauty of the trees and creek during this time of day with a nice cool breeze is quite magnificent to run through.

The distance of this trail is 1.14K and it is a great way to connect with a few other trail systems just west of here.

Trail #2 – West Bronte – Shell Park to Spruce Park all the way to Burloak Drive and back through Wilmot Park, North through forest and back through Shell Park to Village Wood Park along the pipeline Corridor – 6.1K:

This is a meandering looping trail run to maximize the forests within west Bronte.

.Shell Park, Spruce Park, Wilmot Park, Village Wood Park

The way I ran it adds up to 6.1K which could easily be extended with minimal overlap.  The flowers in the forest are beautiful in the spring and in the fall the colours of the leaves are spectacular.

Bronte Creek Trail in Oakville, OntarioThe trail can get a little mucky in the Village Wood Park and along the pipeline corridor on the way to Shell park. It is a great route for most of the Summer, fall and spring if it has not been too wet.

Start at the end of Shell Park and loop around by the fountain in the summer near the soccer fields twice if needed.

Here is a MayMyRun map to this route. There are many ways to run this area in a series of loops. The one I have shown below is  6k with only a minimal overlap near the water fountain in Shell park.

If you link up the above two trails along Rebecca and south of the Lakeshore, you can start the run in any place within this area run a really nice 8k run.

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