Training one day at a time

The training is going along nicely with a little soreness. After a long run on the weekend of 18K I found I could have used one more day of rest as my feet were still a bit sore. I ran to my schedule instead of how my body felt and I found it was not a very good run yesterday so I ended it at 7K.  Another lesson learned.  After my run,  my feet were a bit sore so today I decided to get some more Active Release Techniques (ART) treatment.  I was able to go on my hill run later on in the day as it really helped loosen up the area in my feet which was very tight. This is only the second time I have used this treatment and I have to say it is quite remarkable.

The hill run went well tonight but I am still a bit sore and look forward to returning back to a full recovery from the long run.  I clearly need to days rest from running after an 18K run. I still felt I had a lot of energy left to burn but in retrospect my body needed to heal a bit more. I am going to refocus on my foot technique to see how I may be contributing to this issue in the coming weeks.

This is one of the most unique winters in the Toronto area I can remember. We have already had the first snow free November in 162 years and I have to say it has continued for the most part up until the end of January 2010.  I am thankful for one big reason as it has made running quite a bit easier this winter. During my run tonight, I had the opportunity to run on some grass again.  As I was running,  I welcomed the softer platform in which to plant my feet and my body clearly appreciated this.  I was reminded in seeking this out how running on a changing surface really forces your mind to focus in the moment. I recognize this was something for the most part missing when I run with my group.

I have been running a lot more on pavement lately due to the weather and not determining the route for my long runs.  Because of this I have not had the joy of this forced awareness experience for several weeks. On the trails, I find that each step requires a focused awareness of the changing environment to ensure a well planted foot when it contacts the ground. This focused awareness is one relatively easy way to start the process of practicing running samadhi.  Tonight, I practiced following one foot at a time with my focus on the placement of my foot and the movement of the ground in front of me.  It made the run all the more enjoyable and helped me appreciate another facet of mindful running.

I am looking forward to hitting the trails again soon after the Chilly. I am off for some much needed rest.

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